Advertising is big business everywhere but perhaps no more so than in California

 And while much of the advertising landscape has changed over the years, the foundational concepts of reaching out to people with your message and engaging them with a persuasive call to action remain the same regardless of the medium.

Traditional Advertising Still Matters

It’s easy to think that with the seismic shift in advertising to online and social media outlets, that traditional advertising isn’t as important anymore. But it is. And maybe even more important than before. Radio and television are still easily accessible by nearly everyone, despite the myth that it is not an affordable option. With our experience in agriculture advertising in California, as well as other niche areas, McMarketing Company ad professionals are adept in developing advertising strategies that support our clients’ goals while utilizing radio and tv media effectively and within any budget.

Outreach for the 21st Century

The strategy of putting your message where your intended audience will see it includes using the latest technology and your target market’s own digital behaviors. Reach early adopters and younger audiences who are most accessible in digital worlds. Drive your next-level ag advertising through geo-fencing and retargeting. But don’t worry if these terms aren’t familiar. You don’t have to be a digital advertising expert, because we are. Our insight, precision, and skill in identifying desired audiences and the most effective ways to reach them come from years of experience as a California advertising agency. We can set up your geo-fencing campaign or make sure your product and service ads are seamlessly positioned on the websites your online visitors normally visit.

We Stand Behind Your Message

With an extensive background in agriculture advertising in California, as well as other heavily regulated industries, McMarketing Company walks the path between traditional and high-tech. We work closely with our clients to identify the best path forward, where ad campaigns reach an engaged audience poised to respond to their call to action. Reach out to McMarketing Company today and let’s talk about the best way to advertise your company’s products and services, whether that’s television, radio, online… any way to best reach your target market.

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