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Yes, there is real value in social media marketing

Call us today and we will share with you the real value in social media marketing. It’s a secret no-one else in the industry will tell you!

We know the ins and outs of social media marketing. Even something as simple as your Instagram profile can be a starting point for a sale. By expanding your outreach beyond occasional web visitors, you’ll drive targeted customers into the store or onto your site. A sustained presence over time will augment your audience, imprint your name and build your brand.

Engage! Stay connected with your audience

Just like certain magazines were the right place for specialized advertisers, certain social media platforms work best for select clients. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, all the biggies supply billions of users their “fix” every day. How can you put your name, product, service and sales pitch out in front of the right audience? That’s what we spend a good part of our day thinking about. Whomever is buying your product is building a habit on social media. Fly fisherman are tweeting on and farmers are following on Facebook. You need to be where your customers are with news, views and stuff they can use.

Socially Exceptional

Social Media

To stay in the game, you must be posting, trending, retweeting and some other things that may still seem foreign. At best, you’re too busy. At worst, you’re behind the times. Don’t be discouraged. Our social media strategists truly understand how to fully optimize social media efforts to affect the best results. Our social media managers can set up accounts, arrange campaign content, provide posting services, coordinate paid media, run contests and coupon programs and monitor user engagement.

We do this by concentrating on 3 prime marketing objectives:

  1. Audience appeal
  2. Increased engagement
  3. Expanding your message reach

Sometimes it’s best to purchase paid social media which lets you target certain demographics like age, occupation, hobbies, interests, etc. You target the profile of the searcher and not the subject they’re searching for. Another paid feature is boosted reach, a way to increase visibility when you have high-quality content such as blogs, videos or an event to showcase.

Congrats…You’re Getting Engaged!

Social media users want stimulation, which means they want a connection and interactive engagement. They demand breaking news, product review and relevant posts that appeal to their interests. They want to see the real comments of like-minded consumers. When you give them all that and a forum for lively discussion, you develop trust, authority and loyalty. And you build your brand. Our social media team creates content and decides which media will connect with the audience of your dreams.

Mobile Marketing Reaches Users on the Run

People are busy…busy checking their phones (and not just for voice and text messages.) Over 90% of users worldwide are accessing social media on their smartphones. That has serious implications. Content writers need a constant feed of first-class news, entertainment, innovation and information to keep readers coming back and clicking through.

From Profile to Profit: We’ve Mastered Social Media Marketing

An infrequent, random approach just won’t cut it. To penetrate and grow this audience you need dedicated professionals planning and monitoring everything that goes out. Every customer response must be addressed to maintain a positive online initiative. It’s a full-time job and one a manager or business owner often can’t squeeze into their day.

Our social media marketing team can do all this and more! We can develop a following and supply uninterrupted messaging to produce increased traffic and revenue. Just give us a call.

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