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“A well-crafted website instills a sense of trust and legitimacy in those considering doing business with you. We can create a compelling and engaging website for you on any budget. Proper website design is an essential sales tool in driving your business goals.”

– Timarie Hansen, McMarketing Company Founder and Chief Strategist

Launching, Rebranding or Starting a Business from Scratch?

Today almost anyone can design a “pretty” website for you. But can they design a website that drives your business goals? Will it generate a call? Will it convert a visit into a sale? Our web developers and designers have extensive backgrounds not only in their craft, but also in sales and marketing.

At McMarketing Company, we are a dedicated team of professionals with one goal in mind; to help your business succeed. Our talented artists and writers distill the essence of your business into powerful words and appealing layouts. The design guides a visitor visually around the website while targeted content makes them want to stay.

Our Proven Process

How We Construct Your Content

First, we spend time getting to know our clients because we might uncover something you felt was inconsequential. Our content writers dig deep to discover and describe what makes your company unique and unignorable.

Things like:

  • Personal stories
  • Fascinating facts
  • Competitive research
  • Industry research
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Product demos
  • Inviting visuals

Technology at Your Beck and Call

Beyond creative content, there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes. From front-end design to back-end development, you can’t compete without a competent technical team. Our geeks are your geeks. If SEO terms like Yoast, Smush Pro and Rank Math don’t just roll off the tip of your tongue, you may want to use us as your marketing mouthpiece.

We will ensure that user experience is friendly, CMS (content management system) is in place, content is search engine optimized and interactivity is engaging. We’ll even get you blogging, tweeting, posting and pinning in no time. Or we can do it for you.

We’re Intensely Results Oriented

Part of our partnership with you is steadily studying the analytics and reporting it monthly, so you can understand how an interactive website really pays off. After an intensive study of the numbers, if it shows a certain strategy isn’t working, we either adjust or change direction completely. Recently the data for our website design in the agricultural industry has demonstrated healthy growth (pardon the pun.) The same is true for our marketing experience in regulated industries like financial services (retirement planning, banking, tax attorneys, accounting), law and wine.

Tired of Being the Webmaster of Your Universe?

Whether you’re too big to fail or a Mom-and-Pop shop with your kid doing the coding, consider this. You wouldn’t remove your own gall bladder or replace your own transmission, so why on earth would you attempt to build your own website? Leave the web design to the McMarketing Company professionals.

We’re passionate about what we do with a keen eye for website design in the Fresno area and throughout the United States, but we don’t stop there. We will get the right words in place with killer content then get the word out on social media. We’re backed by advanced programming skills, top technical savvy and years of corporate marketing management. Call today for your free consultation and let’s catapult your website to “wow!”

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