Graphic design

Graphic Design Drives, Defines and Refines Your Brand and Your Message

Graphic design is the art of communication, stylizing, and problem-solving through the use of imagery and word. From start to finish and anywhere in between; we can help you throughout the entire process.

Looks aren’t everything, right? Wrong. One well-conceived welcome page or logo can give your online presence an impressive pop. When the visual has appeal, the visitor lingers. If you want to see how a digital marketing agency connects with present and potential customers, let our visual artists create the picture-perfect plan.

McMarketing Company graphic designers make use of all the artistic tools from typography to technology. They use page layouts, color treatments, photography, videos, music and other fun and functional features to produce a modern moving site. Our client portfolio shows the range of imagination and execution we’ve been able to provide for our clients. Everything from simple logo design to full rebranding. Our team is the best!

How Graphic Design Drives

Once we are satisfied that we truly understand your business and its goals, we set about to design a digital marketing campaign with your specific needs in mind, Naturally, part of this strategy includes SEO. Search engines reward websites with high-quality graphics that not only look interesting but also instruct and inform. Google also likes it when user interface is logical and lively. In short, the more sophisticated the website, the more return you’ll see. From there, we can continue to incorporate design devices to encourage users to request more product information and ultimately make a purchase.

How Graphic Design Defines

The most successful companies on earth all have one thing in common: an instantly-identifiable logo. They also have a brand image that’s unmistakable. Behind all this is a plan for everyone involved to stick with certain standards like font, color, taglines, icons, models, tone of voice… right down to the store fixtures and packaging. The importance of proper branding cannot be overemphasized. The McMarketing Company graphic design team can create a style package that will provide a unified, unmistakable branded look of your own.

How Graphic Design Refines

Even the casual e-commerce shopper recognizes outdated type treatments, tired templates and old-school technology. Something as simple as the overall speed of a site can turn people away and severely limit the ability to reach maximum visitors across multiple viewing platforms. Mobile device viewing is now almost 90%, so responsive designs are included with all development jobs, guaranteeing the best possible user experience across all devices. If you’re tired of your old site and just want some inspiration or a complete redesign, we can help. Sometimes all it takes to improve is getting an outside opinion and a few insider tips. Graphic design is the backbone of a well-received brand and marketing strategy. Only trained, talented artists can translate a business plan into a beautiful presentation. If you’d like to see what that might look like for you, give us a call today. We work with the best in the industry who are constantly coming up with innovative designs.

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