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Proper branding is an essential component to your business success

“Your brand is the essence of all you do. It is more than just a name and a logo. Your marketing strategy should instill your purpose, your differentiators, your personality and your promise.”

– Timarie Hansen, McMarketing Company Founder and Chief Strategist

Our Marketing Strategies Will Get Your Message to the Masses

From billboards to direct mail to movie product placements, advertising vies for your attention anyway it can. It wants to get into our heads. But will it stay? Will it be remembered favorably? Most importantly, will it result in a sale? Whether through logos, television or radio commercials, company uniforms or email marketing campaigns, proper marketing and branding is the slow, steady, subtle building of an image and perpetual policing to make sure your image is never, ever tainted in any way. Guard it with your life– it’s a precious and priceless commodity!

And the Brand Played On

Before Best Buy it was The Sound of Music. Ever wonder if people expected to see the Swiss Alps rising over those strip malls? Google was originally a search engine called BackRub. Imagine how that salve-sounding moniker would have held up in the current world of Twitters and Yahoos. How does a business go from nobody to an overnight household name? And how does that name last through thick and thin, hell and high water? Marketing your product or service without a bona fide brand identity is like promoting Florida vacations without mentioning the beach. You may get people interested but you’re not utilizing your strongest attraction.

Corporate branding strategy is at the heart of how the world comes to view not only what you make or sell, but how you interact in the community. And minding that brand doesn’t happen by accident. It takes work, work and more work.

Brand Consistency is Key

We believe there must be a unique and consistent look and feel across every medium. This usually starts in the art department. The tone of voice should be consistent, too. It’s okay to say Duluth Buck Naked Underwear will stop stink, but you won’t see that wording used for Victoria’s Secret. If you’re a local hardware store owner, you wouldn’t use the same font as the Bundt cake place down the block.

Social Media Generation

Then there’s the need for corporate transparency. This is where our social media experts can help. When we create favorable buzz in this area, we can generate interest, shape opinions, gain loyalty and increase awareness bigly. You can’t put a price on these intangibles, but you will see the result in your bottom line.

Consistent, focused tone and messaging can be carried throughout your website blogs, your social media posts, website content, press releases, annual reports and even CEO speeches. That is just one way to keep your corporate image pure. Give us a call for your free consultation. With over 100 years of combined experience helping businesses succeed, we can be your in-touch, outsourced marketing department.

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